7 new features in Microsoft Edge that push you to switch to it
7 new features in Microsoft Edge that push you to switch to it

Microsoft announced a number of new services to ordinary consumers on Monday, including: New features in Edge Browser can help you get the job done more efficiently, save time and protect your data and identity online. If you haven't tried the new Microsoft Edge browser yet, it's time to try it. Maybe you can try it

Here are 7 major new features in Microsoft Edge:

1- Improving the group’s function to organize the research:
With Groups, you can easily collect, organize, and export information from different websites to different files, or search again later and start where you left off last time.

To access this feature, just click the (Group) button next to the account picture in the upper-right corner of the browser. On the right side of the browser, a menu opens, where you can simply drag and drop websites, texts, or photos into the collection without having to open a page or any other application

You can then send the group to Word or Excel, or share it by copying and pasting it into Outlook or another email service.

Microsoft announced that the (group) functionality will also appear in the smartphone browser version later this spring to simplify creating, accessing, and synchronizing groups on all devices.

2- The vertical tabulation function can work more efficiently:
Microsoft has released a new feature called "vertical tabs" that allows you to easily access and manage all open tabs in your browser at the same time.

You can display the tab strip on the left side of the browser instead of at the top of the browser. The width of each tab has been fixed, so you have enough room to highlight the page you want.

If you open multiple tabs, you can scroll up or down in the list. You can also click tabs, or drag and drop them up or down. You can even choose multiple options to pull and organize the entire group as you like.

Microsoft Edge is the only browser that lets you manage private tabs by clicking on the menu that opens next to the menu.

3- The smart copy feature can save time:
With Smart Copy, you can accurately select, copy and paste the desired content onto the web, while preserving the original HTML format.

You can use the cursor to select any region or content type. The same layout is preserved when pasting, including images or links.

4- Password Monitor to monitor your password:
Microsoft added a new feature called (Password Monitor) to the Edge browser to protect your account online. After activation, you will be warned if the website connection data stored in Autofill is displayed in the dark. Network data leakage.

If Edge detects content that matches your registered username or password, you will receive a browser notification asking you to take action to protect your data.

5- Immersive reading method makes reading easier:
Since reading is one of the most popular activities on the web, Microsoft has added "immersive player" mode to its browser that removes screen errors and creates a simple environment where you can focus better.

In this mode, you can also use various tools to customize the experience that suits you, for example B. Listen to articles aloud or edit text.

6- Watch Netflix in 4K from your computer:

Microsoft has partnered with the Netflix platform and now provides Windows 10 and Edge users the best HD entertainment experience to watch 4K content. Meanwhile, Dolby Audio and Dolby Vision are supported to give you the genre of a viewing experience.

7-edge browser available for all operating systems:
The new Edge browser can be downloaded instantly from the following website: Microsoft.com/Edge, as it can be used on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Microsoft also said it will help you get your business done more efficiently by introducing new features that further improve the user experience.

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