IPad Pro prevents improper use of the microphone
IPad Pro prevents improper use of the microphone

Apple's new iPad Pro comes with a security feature that allows the microphone to be removed when the device cover is already closed. However, this is not a new feature, as Apple actually applied this measure to PC security in 2018 (MacBook equipped with Apple T2 security chip.

One of the most advanced tablet PCs is Apple's iPad Pro, which was launched in March. It runs on an A12Z electronic processor, offers powerful performance and has a very large camera. The new LiDAR scanner detects depth and liquid retina screen. And many other new jobs.

The security feature is featured in Apple's platform security documentation. When the compatible status that is physically connected to the iPad Pro is closed, the microphone connection is disconnected from the device. The security function makes it more difficult to access malicious software microphones from the device.

This function is intended to prevent eavesdropping on damaged devices. The new iPad Pro model released this year is the first device to fulfill this functionality. However, security documents indicate that it will become standard functionality in future models.

The company indicated in the security document that the microphone not connected to the internet, even with permissions (iPadOS) or infiltrated firmware, will prevent the program from using the audio data of the microphone, and Apple added that after the case is closed, the camera will not be separated, because the field of view is completely corrupted yet Close the cap.

Apple first introduced this security feature via the (Apple T2) security chip included (MacBook Air) and (Mac mini) in 2018, and the security chip (Apple T2) was released in 2017 (iMac Pro) to protect storage space for assistive devices and data Fingerprints and encryption keys.

It should be noted that this function can be used with Apple Smart Folio, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Apple's Magic Keyboard. The product is expected to be released in May and will come with many third-party records.

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