Amazon tries to check employees to avoid corona
Amazon tries to check employees to avoid corona

Reuters reported on Saturday that Amazon has contacted two corona virus manufacturers (Corona) to inspect their employees to reduce the risk of coronavirus (COVID-19) in their warehouse.

Reuters said: He saw an internal document showing that Abbott and Thermo Fisher Scientific Laborations leaders told Amazon they wanted to work with him, despite the fact that the United States government is currently consuming the capacity of all testing companies.

The company also discussed the possibility of starting testing in at least one warehouse near Seattle headquarters. The warehouse condition is unclear. The document also states that Amazon is studying the ability to scan more than one person at a time and hopes to work with medical organizations on tests.

In a statement released on Saturday, Abbott Laboratories confirmed that Amazon had contacted it and other companies to carry out virus tests on its employees. Amazon, the world's largest retailer, plans to provide masks and temperature control for all warehouse workers in the United States and Europe by next week. In the long run, the company hopes to test its employees for viruses and hopes other companies will follow suit.

The document also revealed how the company uses the Corona virus test as an important part of its business and improves the US economy. As more and more employees protest against employee protests in many Amazon camps, they are increasingly fearful of contracting the virus. Especially after the announcement of the injury of at least 19 employees (Covid-19) in the United States.

It should be noted that due to the global spread of the epidemic, more than a million people were infected with the virus (Covid-19) today and more than 58,000 people were killed.

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