The Exynos development team was dissatisfied with Samsung's behavior
The Exynos development team was dissatisfied with Samsung's behavior

The South Korean report shows that the leading cell group of the South Korean company (Galaxy S20), after Samsung decided to make big changes this year, does not use the South Korean Exynos processors, which makes the Samsung Exynos processor development team unhappy. About his country of origin.

Samsung continues to sell its flagship phone models equipped with (Snapdragon) and (Exynos) processors, which (Exynos) models are available in most markets, while (Snapdragon) models are used in these markets. From the United States and China.

Several reports have highlighted the difference between Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and Samsung Exynos 990. Qualcomm's performance in terms of battery life is clearly better than Samsung's, which directly affects the customer experience on Samsung mobile phones. .

According to the report, Qualcomm's decision to launch a Korean-style processor (Galaxy S20 series) (Snapdragon 865) is surprising, and Samsung seems to have made this decision because its processor was expected to fail.

The decision was also influenced by the network (5G), which is crucial for the Samsung Galaxy S20 series marketing strategy. This prompted the company to favor Korea's most efficient (Snapdragon 865), which was the first to launch ads (5G). Network countries quickly became popular in the past year to serve the next generation of cellular networks quickly.

The system LSI service was upset and humiliated by this choice. It has been reported that service officials tried to persuade the mobile service to withdraw the decision before making the phone, but this did not happen because the problem with using (Exynos) in the Galaxy series was the Korean S20 proud of the engineers.

However, Samsung doesn't seem to intend to give up its processors in the future. If the company is not using Qualcomm processors, the company can still choose an alternative. This is the first example of the Exynos processor (Galaxy S6). Because Qualcomm processor was the problem at the time and (Exynos) allowed Samsung to negotiate with Qualcomm.

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