DJI announces Mavic Air 2 with much longer flight time
DJI announces Mavic Air 2 with much longer flight time

The Chinese company (DJI) announced its latest drones (Mavic Air 2) two and a half years after the launch of the first Mavic Air, which is equipped with a larger plane for the new company plane. OccuSync's Wi-Fi and Wireless Networking Sensors are abandoned by DJI.

The goal of the new $ 799 model is to reach the highest level in almost all aspects. The aircraft has a longer battery life, allows up to 34 minutes of flying time and is equipped with a fully modified console and better working video.

Perhaps the most significant change for aviation and video photographers is the new camera, since Mavic Air 2 has a 48-megapixel image sensor and can record 4K videos at 60 fps.

The Quad Bayer sensor has a pixel aggregation function that can be used to create high-quality 12-megapixel photos. If necessary, you can also use a 48-megapixel full resolution. The camera can record 4K HDR video at 30fps and 240fps 1080p slow motion video.

DJI Innovations said it has improved the AI ​​imaging feature, which can automatically recognize the scene and choose the best shooting mode, such as: b. HDR at night or during the day at night (Hyperlight).

(Mavic Air 2) is a little heavier than its predecessor because it weighs 570 grams instead of 430 grams (Mavic Air). It has a larger battery and can fly 34 minutes instead of 21 minutes. Efficient engine and improved aerodynamics.

DJI said that improved video transmission technology can work more reliably at a distance of 10 cubic kilometers, as it will improve object detection and artificial intelligence sensors.

Mavic Air 2 introduced DJI APAS 3.0, which detects objects and automatically redirects drones to avoid collisions. The company said that the new version uses 3D maps to achieve seamless transition even in complex environments.

Mavic Air 2 is the DJI's first AirSense consumer drone that receives signals from nearby aircraft and warns pilots not to approach them.

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