Tesla is able to see traffic lights and slow them down
Tesla is able to see traffic lights and slow them down

Tesla Electric Vehicles Company has released new software updates for some of its new cars that allow cars to see traffic lights, interact with them and stop signals. This job has been provided by the CEO of the company Elon Ma Elon Musk missed.

Owners of Tesla vehicles equipped with the third release of the compact computer on which the vehicle instructions are implemented can use the new update "Devices 3".

The company started installing this computer on all new cars last year and improved the old cars optimally. Car owners must pay for the "self-driving copy" of the automatic manual so that they can use the new functions of controlling cars at traffic lights and parking stations. . .

When this function is activated, the function slows the vehicle speed at the parking point based on traffic signs and parking signs, and the car maker wants to provide a new job while acknowledging that the driver first needs to confirm the job if the automatic driver is effective at the intersection it can intersect even if The indicator is green.

Tesla reiterated his statement in the release notes that automatic steering will not fully play its role at this point and that the job will not be able to control the vehicle at all intersections, for example it will not be able to work in harsh environments such as railways or pedestrian crossings. .

Although the job can control the car more naturally after teaching the auto manual how to use intersections, the company is still in beta and may be slow at first. Drivers should be careful and ready to take immediate action. Time including brake pressure.

Tesla instructs the driver to move briefly on the accelerator to ensure that the vehicle can cross the intersection. This helps the company collect data to train the autopilot to cross the intersection safely.

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