Facebook's acquisition of GIPHY helps it track competitors
Facebook's acquisition of GIPHY helps it track competitors

A few months ago, the loser GIF drive team called GIPHY Facebook and found that a social media company wanted to invest because nearly half of GIPHY's activities came from Facebook and its suite of apps. Users can differentiate posts from posts. Contributions. Animated short message.

Looking at the quote from Popular Service (GIPHY), Facebook executives realized that not only did they invest, they also had to buy the company directly because they could get other data they liked.

(GIPHY) offers the same search service to many Facebook competitors like Twitter, Apple (iMessage), (Signal), (TikTok) etc. The Mobile Imaging Service is interested in developing these platforms and how frequently they use them. This is one of the most valuable information for these Facebook platforms you have searched for in the past.

After joining GIPHY Facebook, the company will maintain these integrations and will continue to access data from GIF searches and posts online. Since Facebook does not use mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, the company has acquired other competitors. Method of strength, but sometimes they face problems.

For example, Facebook acquired Onavo in 2013. The company designed a virtual private network that could be used to keep Internet activities secret. Facebook can analyze data to understand popular apps and then find ways to compete with or buy them.

Apple banned Onavo in 2018 and announced that its data collection methods violate its app store rules.

According to reports, doing things similar to Facebook this time is risky because the company is subject to a monopoly investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the U.S. Department of Justice, and 47 prosecutors.

Bloomberg stated that the FTC investigation specifically examines how Facebook draws conclusions about competing apps and how the social media giant is trying to buy or compensate for those apps.

After he bought Facebook GIPHY, his team would join the Instagram product team and the Instagram Product Manager said: We are buying (GIPHY) so that people can find the right expression and the mobile image service will continue to work. Run the library that developer partners can access. All the content.

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