IPhone SE announcement coming soon
IPhone SE announcement coming soon

A report says the low-spec iPhone should be released, so the company has mistakenly announced that it will use the iPhone SE name.

The name of the phone (iPhone SE) is displayed next to  phone (iPhone 8) and iPhone 7 on the company screen protection page in the Apple Store (Belkin) and confirms that the previous leakage of the design of this phone is similar to the last two phones, which shows that the protective glass is suitable for three phones.
IPhone SE is coming soon

9to5Mac yesterday also revealed the name of the phone and detailed information about it, for example: it offers color options: white, black and red, and provides 64GB, 128GB or 256GB internal memory. The phone must be equipped with the A13 processor.

After receiving the phone name report on the Belkin protective glass page (the phone is currently priced at $ 39.95), Apple removed the name (iPhone SE) from the page. Note that the protective glass also measures 5.5 inches, but it is designed for my mobile phone (iPhone 7 Plus) and (iPhone 8 Plus).

Although discussions about the low-spec 4.7-inch iPhone started a few months ago, the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has delayed its release, especially since it is expected to be announced in March.

Apple launched the first iPhone SE in March 2016 at $ 399 to cater to the needs of its fans who buy iPhones and small screens at reasonable prices.

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