Tommy helps Italian doctors protect themselves from the Corona Virus
Tommy helps Italian doctors protect themselves from the Corona Virus

The Tommy robot does not wear a mask, but like a doctor, it can save the life of the new Corona Virus. It is one of six new robots that can help doctors and nurses deliver the virus to the Circolo Hospital in Varese, Lombardy. The disease is located in the center of Italy, in the north of Lombardy.

"It is like having another nurse without problems with an infection," said Dr. Francesco Dentari, director of the hospital's Intensive Care Unit. You are in a more dangerous situation.

Tommy monitors data from the devices in the room and sends them to the hospital staff. The robot includes a touch screen that allows patients to record messages and send them to doctors. More importantly, Tommy enables hospitals to reduce the number of doctors, nurses, and patients, and direct contact between them reduces the risk of infection.

More than 4,000 health workers in Italy are infected with the new Corona virus, 66 doctors have died and more than 13,000 deaths in Italy are responsible for more than a third of deaths worldwide. Italy has the largest number of deaths in the world.

"Medical staff can use my skills to communicate with patients without direct contact," said Robotics Tommy. Dr.. "You have to explain the purpose and function of the robot to the patient. The initial response is usually not positive, especially for the elderly, but if you have clear goals, the patient will be happy because he can talk to the doctor," Dantari said.

The robot helped hospitals robots reduce the number of masks that employees need to use, as a lack of masks was one of the biggest problems in the Italian national health system since the injury in late February. Independent in the manufacture of protective masks.

Tommy has another advantage because he is not tired and quickly recharges after running out of battery to resume work in the exhibition hall.

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