Google has delayed Android 11 due to protests
Google has delayed Android 11 due to protests

Google said that due to protests and turmoil in the U.S., the company has postponed its intention to launch the latest beta of the operating system for Android 11 mobile devices. The company said in a tweet about the account of the Android developer: "We are pleased to provide you with details about the launch of Android 11, but now is not the time to celebrate."

The search giant plans to launch new features in Android 11 on June 3, but has decided to postpone the release, saying: It will announce more details about the new version of Android soon, but it hasn't dated this.

Although Google did not provide the reasons, the announcement came at a time when many cities in the United States were full of protests. Previously, the answer to George Floyd's death in Minnesota was not limited to Minneapolis, but Google and most of its employees saw San Jose and Auckland in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is a great argument.

President Donald Trump's tweets masked Twitter's warnings about beautifying violence, and Twitter's actions took place after a series of incidents. The President issued a decree that could radically change the nature of the entire Internet if he avoided legal objections.

In practical terms, Google seems to have realized that few people would be willing to take advantage of the latest features in Android 11. Given the social protests in the U.S., delaying posting on a humanitarian scale is the right choice.

According to reports, Google was originally supposed to announce Android 11 details at the annual Google I / O developer conference in May every year. However, due to the prevalence of the emerging coronavirus, it had to be canceled, and it was confirmed at that time that it would stop. An event was posted online on June 3.

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