Sony will host the PS5 event on June 4
Sony will host the PS5 event on June 4

Sony has officially confirmed that the next PlayStation 5 event will take place on Thursday, June 4, and the Japanese company has promised to broadcast the future of the event through the PlayStation 5 official website (PlayStation 5).

Jim Event, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said the event is expected to last more than an hour. This includes a preliminary understanding of the games that users will play after the start of the vacation (PlayStation 5). .

Ryan said, "The next PS5 game is the best product in the innovative studio industry around the world. All studios, regardless of size, are working hard to develop games that will demonstrate hardware capabilities and this screen will be digital we will continue to experience the excitement together for several hours."

According to recent reports, Sony will host a game-oriented PS5 event on June 3, and Sony is not expected to release all platform details (PS5) at this event and there, and there are rumors that the company is planning other events taking place in weeks and months. Rise.

Ryan said, "This is part of our PS5 update series. Please be assured that we have a lot to share with you after the speech next week."

So far, Sony has announced the PS5 specifications, logo and new wireless control arm for the next generation platform, but the PS5 platform itself has not been presented nor is there any. It is unclear whether this will happen during the April 4 event. June will change.

The PS5 has a dedicated AMD Zen 2 processor with eight cores and a frequency of 3.5 GHz (variable frequency) as well as an AMD-based graphics processing unit (RDNA 2) with a processing capacity of 10.28 teraflops. 36 arithmetic units at 2.23 GHz (with variable frequency).

SSD is an important part of the new Sony PlayStation 5 system because it has 825 GB of storage space and can deliver 5.5 GB of performance per second. Epic Games recently made a SSD (Unreal 5) technical demo. (PS5) to display 8K video graphics download speed and dynamic lighting effects.

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