Google Pixel is better than iPhone
Google Pixel is better than iPhone

Technically, pixel smartphones are Google's response to iPhones. However, this does not mean that they are still targeting the same market, but Pixel is Google's first mobile phone and new models are launched every year. Performance, the high-end iPhone Pixel 4 isn't suitable for itself, because Pixel 4 for iPhone 11 in Geekbench is close to the results of a single-core or multi-core match. Despite the different performance, Google pixel phone is better than iPhone in some ways. else. .

In a tweet earlier this week, (James Zhan) shared a video comparing experiences using voice to text conversion in email on iPhone and pixel phones.

The results showed that spelling on Pixel is more accurate and faster than iPhone, and the video also shows an email error at the end of a James Cham speech. On iPhone, but email in pixels was not perfect.

There are many interpretations of the discrepancy between the quality of the audio transcription between the two devices, including the fact that 9to5Google indicated that Google allows pixel owners to download the entire English audio template directly to their phones. Because it can be done in the same way that speed and accuracy manage real-time dictation, as if it were sent to Google’s servers.

Independent iOS developer (Ben Harraway) uses speech recognition on iPhone instead of being recognized on the server. Although the Android phone is still ahead, the results are more similar to the original Cham test.

IPhone works well both in design and performance, but there is no doubt that Apple's competition is still far behind the competition in certain areas, such as: voice voice commands and virtual AI functions.

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