IPhone 12 adopts new design similar to iPad Pro
IPhone 12 adopts new design similar to iPad Pro

This weekend, a new series of images appeared on the Twitter platform claiming to display physical models and computer-generated graphics for the next iPhone 12 series, and Apple is slated to start production next month.

IPhone models show these four iPhone 12 shapes, including the 5.4-inch honeiPhone 12hone, 6.1-inch PiPhone 12hone Pro, and the 12iPhone 12 and 6.7 measurement model. 6.7-inch iPhone 12‌‌ Pro max.

These models are similar to those that usually appear before the release of a new iPhone. These physical models generally depend on the detected graphics and the graphics designed by the computer models.

These shapes are made by the case manufacturer. To keep up with the next iPhone, it's often used to set up accessories. Therefore, some details of these shapes can be inaccurate.

For example, the size of the protrusions does not affect the design of the case, so the case manufacturer does not take into account the possibility of slight protrusions in its design.

Likewise, these models do not explain the possibility of connecting the flight time sensor in the back, as Apple is likely to maintain the overall size of the camera's irregularity, so adding the ToF sensor has no effect on the case manufacturer.

The most important thing is, of course, the close-up display of these shapes on flat edges, which makes the design similar to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 design next to the new iPad Pro. With regard to the approved design of existing models.

Information about this design change has been around for quite some time, and many different leaks have recently confirmed the change, and Apple appears to be trying to expand its design language by introducing iPad design language to more of its products.

Recent rumors suggest that the redesigned iMac will have a design similar to the iPad Pro with a smaller flat bezel. The redesigned iMac could be presented at a WWDC event next week.

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