Review NETVUE Outdoor 1080P Security Camera
NETVUE Outdoor 1080P Security Camera

NETVUE Outdoor Surveillance Camera - 1080p Outdoor Camera, IP66 Water Resistant Two-Way Audio Surveillance Camera, Outdoor Wireless Camera with Night Vision Motion Detection, Alexa Cloud Storage / TF Card

NETVUE has a global hardware and software development team that provides customers around the world with intelligent security and monitoring devices to keep your home safe. NETVUE 1080P outdoor surveillance camera (latest model in 2020) supports smart motion detection and smart remote sensing to give you security.

Multiple storage options
NETVUE Home Camera supports micro SD card for mass storage (up to 128 GB) for recording, and the cloud service provides unlimited storage space. With the cloud service, you can access all data, even if the safety camera is damaged or the memory card is lost. You can use smart tables to create sequences and play videos at any time.

The latest movement was revealed in 2020
External Netvue Wi-Fi IP cameras can provide motion detection capabilities to reduce false alarms caused by human explosions or wind curtains. You can detect abnormal movements by adjusting detection sensitivity, range, and time.

Improved night vision
With an infrared LED NETVUE on a home security camera, you can record at any time of the day or night. No light pollution, you can always get clear, high-quality images in the dark and protect your family around the clock.

Supports bi-directional sound and ALEXA
An advanced responsive microphone with built-in noise filter and two-way audio function makes interacting with children or pets flexible. In addition, the external NETVUE surveillance cameras used with Alexa can be used anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is swipe the phone screen. Then you can perform real-time broadcasting, smart editing, two-way audio and night vision. Use external NETVUE 1080P cameras to receive motion alerts and benefit from convenient cloud services. NETVUE smart cameras can always guarantee safety at home.

Netvue Cloud Surveillance-1080P external wireless surveillance camera
Protect your home or business from thieves or hackers with the best Netvue wireless surveillance cameras. Vigil Camera supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet cables. Please note that this WLAN camera requires a port and does not use a battery.

  • This only applies to WiFi 2.4GHz routers, not to WiFi 5GHz.
  • This only applies to Netvue apps and does not support other third party apps.
  • This camera supports 128 GB microSD card (not included).
  • AWS cloud surveillance cameras provide cloud storage for up to 30 days. We offer a free 14-day cloud service.
Protect your privacy
The external security surveillance camera was developed according to Amazon AWS (Amazon Web Services) and offers very reliable performance and global contract distribution to ensure fast, stable and secure storage and data access. Bank-level AES 256-bit encryption and TLS can protect your privacy. All videos and images are protected with the same AES 256-bit encryption technology.

Motion detection and smart alarm
NETVUE external surveillance cameras support real-time distribution of motion detection, motion recording and motion alarm zones via APP. With adjustable motion sensitivity, accurate and intelligent motion detection, you can avoid most false alarms.

Clear night vision
You can use infrared LEDs to get real-time HD video during the day and night, and you can also watch up to 60 feet of outdoor video. In other words, Netvue external cameras can see your articles clearly even at night. Thanks to night vision and motion detection, you will be notified when you are suspected of being destroyed! In addition.
Review NETVUE Outdoor 1080P Security Camera
NETVUE Outdoor 1080P Security Camera

Collaborate with ALEXA
NETVUE Bullet Camera with Alexa can play video and motion detection in real time. If you receive an action alert, you can view the video in real time with voice control, but you are too busy to use the phone.
Monitoring can be easy and you can check i to make yourself interesting.

Two ways to save the video
NETVUE uses AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services) to store your video. Real-time and animated videos are uploaded to AWS Cloud and are available for 14 or 30 days. These videos can be easily copied and downloaded to your phone.
You can also use a microSD card of up to 128 GB to save and play recorded videos with this external security camera.

Two votes
The advanced responsive microphone with built-in noise filter provides clear two-way audio experience.
With Netvue external WiFi surveillance camera, you can only protect family and property from damage by using it.

Special detection area
The motion detection function sends you notifications of all events abroad or at home. In addition, the optional motion tracking design prevents you from getting disturbed by unnecessary warnings (such as bypassing the car, wind, vacation, etc.).

NETVUE Outdoor 1080P Security Camera Specs
  • NETVUE motion detection and alarm monitoring smart camera is used for outdoor predefined motion detection, outdoor motion recording, real-time alert and uploading of snaps and videos online. "APP, motion sensitivity adjustment, intelligent and accurate motion detection, and limiting false alarms. Artificial intelligence can effectively prevent" false alarms "caused by pets, winds, or leaves. When motion is detected, an animated video is played and the smart clip starts In the recording. If someone identifies the video, Netvue will notify you immediately.
  • Night Vision Function FHD 1080P, 60ft - NETVUE Motion Sensor Camera takes over the design of the FHD 1080P night vision camera. With the 36mm lens of the external surveillance camera, you can record clearly and clearly via the NETVUE mobile app. It has a 100 degree viewing angle. Additionally, you can use infrared LEDs to get FHD video in real time during the day and night, and you can watch up to 60 feet of video even in dark environments.
  • Compatible with WIFI / Ethernet and ALEXA-NETVUE When connected to a 2.4 GHz WLAN or Ethernet cable (WLAN only 2.4 GHz and not 5.0 GHz), the external surveillance camera works perfectly. In addition, this external surveillance camera is compatible with Alexa, Echo Show, Echo Spot or Fire TV. Please note that this Wi-Fi camera requires a port and is not battery powered. Power supply included.
  • Cloud storage and data protection - NETVUE external wireless cameras use AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services) to provide up to 30 days of cloud storage. Regardless of movement and sound, it is continuously recorded on a MicroSD card (maximum capacity 128 GB). Both can play the video for 14 days. In addition, this surveillance camera protects your data storage while you are at every important moment and your privacy thanks to bank-level AES 256-bit and TLS encryption protocols.
  • IP66 waterproof and dual channel sound with clear dual-channel audio, external WLAN camera with voice and apps allow you to chat in real time with your family or pets, just as if you were on the phone. In addition, the NETVUE IP66 outdoor professional camera has WiFi with a temperature range from -20 ° C to 50 ° C, which means that the sports surveillance camera is strong enough to withstand weather and damage, even in snowstorms.

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