Carbon Fiber Electric Bike By Size
Carbon Fiber Electric Bike By Size

Arefu Valley, Arefu, has announced the use of 3D printing to manufacture electric bicycles.

Although the company is not a well-known name in the bicycle industry, it uses its expertise in vehicle construction and 3D printing to manufacture this bike.

Two Superstrata brands have been released:

(Superstrata Terra): This is an ordinary light bike that can be specially developed for different riding modes.
(Superstrata Ion): This electric rear wheeled bike is 250W, 252W battery, 96 km range and top speed of 32 km / h.

The frame is made of carbon fiber and is one piece, which means that it is made of one piece instead of combining parts like most bicycle tires. This method enables the company to mainly send bikes to bicycles. On the human body.

The Superstarata brand said: The use of thermoplastic materials makes them very resistant, but very light, and there is no glue, no layers, layers or the like, which increases the resistance.

Superstrata Terra tires weigh approximately 1.7 kg (depending on size), while Superstrata ion tires weigh approximately 10.9 kg.

While the price of 3D printing can be very high, the company CEO said: It makes bicycle tires stronger and more durable, and the custom design attracts customers who want to pay more for the tires. depends on the request.

Customers can send their measurement results. (Superstrata) uses 3D printing to print bike. Each frame takes around 10 hours to produce. The company claims to be able to produce up to 250,000 unique sets.

The company is negotiating with various battery and motor manufacturers to find the best deal for the bicycle motors. Company bikes can be ordered initially at (Indiegogo).

Although carbon bikes are not new, they generally consist of dozens of parts and cost between $ 4,000 and $ 12,000.

(Superstrata) models (Terra) start from $ 2799, and (Ion) models start from $ 3,999. The company placed its first order in July and will start shipping bikes later this year.

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