Skydio X2 foldable drone
Skydio X2 foldable drone

(Skydio) is a startup that produces independent drones with almost no human intervention. The new model (Skydio X2) enters the commercial drone market.

Skydio X2 is the first non-consumer (Skydio) device sold to government agencies, the military and other organizations that need infrared air surveillance cameras.

This startup was first launched just over two years ago using the standalone Skydio R1 drone.

(Skydio R1) is characterized by avoiding human obstacles and is also supported by artificial intelligence as well as sensors and software functions, so complex external environments can be crossed easily while pursuing targets.

The new model (Skydio X2) has foldable arms, and the company has already worked hard to turn on the AI-powered independent flight function with folding to make its small drones.

The new aircraft has a GPS night flight mode and the ability to use visible light and infrared light to fly in the dark.

The aircraft is equipped with a large console, it is equipped with a touch screen and flight time 36 minutes. In addition to the main 12 MP camera, it is also equipped with a 320 x 256 pixel thermal imaging camera.

Skydio X2 can take 180-degree photos, scan bridges and other structures that many UAVs fly from different angles.

There are also new software features such as (360-degree ultra-zoom) that can zoom in all directions, and a new resolution mode that allows pilots to fly in a more difficult environment without worrying about independent features and manual interference verification.

The company was originally slated to launch two aircraft, later this year, the first to be named (X2D). Developed specifically for the U.S. Army, it is the military solution for reconnaissance security and search and rescue patrols. The system, while the second is referred to as (X2E), is intended for facilities as well as first responders and private establishments.

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