Facebook has recruited the most popular Tik Tok superstar with money
Facebook has recruited the most popular Tik Tok superstar with money

Its Instagram platform on Facebook provides financial incentives to the most popular Tik Tok superstar with millions of subscribers to persuade them to use a new competitive service that builds two social networks. Confrontation escalated between the giants.

It looks like the new social media platform with some unique features that can make people creative is not enough. It also requires money, not only for advertising but also for attracting stars from competing platforms.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Instagram has made lucrative offers to recruit some of the most popular Tik Tok stars to switch to the new service (Reels).

Facebook plans to unveil (reels) next month, and some people say the potential returns for some people will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The company is trying to attract more audiences by encouraging content producers to use specific songs, wearing branded clothes, and promoting products directly in the videos.

A Facebook spokesperson said: Instagram has reached out to many content makers, including many countries (roles) that are currently being tested, and we continue to invest in content makers and their expertise.

(Roles) allow users to share short videos and is scheduled to release in the United States and many other countries next month.

In response to the Instagram boom, Tik Tok announced a $ 200 million financing to help the platform's creators make additional profits in exchange for the enthusiasm for creative exchanges with an inspiring audience. Through their thoughts.

It should be noted that Facebook, as the YouTube platform said last week, is not alone looking for an alternative to the Tik Tok app which has become popular with young users and is testing options. A similar video is available on Tik Tok. New properties.

Instagram offers the most money to content creators who just have to post videos on (Reels). For creators who don't specifically post videos to (Reels), Instagram prompts them to add the video before adding it to (Reels). Share on other platforms (s).

Instagram offers a way to pay content producers to create videos. Some say: Instagram uses nondisclosure agreements; Producers are prohibited from sharing potential transaction terms.

A Tik Tok spokesperson said: It is not surprising that Facebook has tried this strategy with fake Instagram products. However, thousands of people really love Tik Tok.

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