Samsung expects to launch 6G networks in 2028
Samsung expects to launch 6G networks in 2028

Samsung Electronics said: According to a research report outlining the vision of next-generation communications technology, Samsung Electronics expects that the sixth generation of networks (6G) will be available in early 2028 and is expected to become popular in 2030.

The Korean giant said that the Radiocommunication Administration (ITU-R) is the wireless communication department within the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and it should start defining the sixth generation vision next year.

The company stated that for each generation from (2G) to (5G), the time needed to set and develop technical standards decreased.

She added that setting standards for the third generation took 15 years, while it took 8 years to set standards for the fifth generation. This acceleration trend will continue compared to the 6th generation (6G).

The South Korean tech giant said his vision for 6G networks is to bring the next highly-connected communication experience to every corner of life.

"Although (5G) marketing is still in its infancy, it will never be too early to start planning. The sixth generation network (6G) in addition," said Chunghyun Choi, director of the Samsung Research Advanced Research Research Center, the Korean company's research division. That the company will start research (6G) this year.

In the white paper, Samsung outlines three types of 6th generation network requirements for advanced performance, architecture, reliability services, truly immersive reality, high-resolution 3D animation, and digital copying.

The assembly stated that the maximum data rate is 1000 Gbit / s, the antenna delay time is less than 100 microseconds, which is 50 times the maximum data rate of the 5G network, and the tenth requires a delay.

The performance and architecture requirements for the sixth generation network include an optimized network design to overcome the limited computing power of mobile devices and to enable flexible integration of new network units and the application of artificial intelligence since the beginning of technological development.

Reliability requirements solve the security and confidentiality issues caused by the widespread use of user data and artificial intelligence technologies.

Samsung introduced a 5G network solution for South Korean telecom operators. The solution was launched in April 2019 and has delivered its communications equipment to telecom companies in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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