Razer reveals the Huntsman Mini keyboard
Razer reveals the Huntsman Mini keyboard

Razer has announced its first 60% keyboard, “Huntsman Mini,” which is smaller and provides users starting with an additional $ 120 space for mouse and touchpad.

Huntsman mini keyboard supports users with only some dedicated keys, making it ideal for navigation.

Razer is one of the largest manufacturers of gaming accessories and keyboards and offers a variety of game consoles that can be selected in Huntsman TE at 80% of the actual size and can also be used in the new version. Huntsman Mini Enterprise 60% smaller keyboard design and support for all functions. Work required.

The functions required for the Huntsman mini keyboard are alternative functions in the primary keys. These master keys support activation via the Fn key, and the Huntsman mini keyboard in black and white.

Razer also provides players with two different lighting options for the Huntsman Little button, Click button and Linear button. The one-click model currently costs $ 120, while the linear model costs about $ 130.

Razer noted that the Huntsman mini keyboard has a number of improvements that help users get the best typing experience on a mechanical keyboard without generating noisy noise, as well as keyboard lighting with the RGB LED colors that are made can be connected to the Razer Synapse Custom software and is Connect the Huntsman Mini to the computer's USB C port as follows


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