Huawei Temporary General License has expired
Huawei Temporary General License has expired

The temporary general license of Huawei of China has expired. It is not clear what this means for software updates to Huawei mobile devices currently running Google apps. However, that can cause problems for the company.

Last year, the Trump administration added Huawei and its subsidiaries to the US Department of Commerce list of companies, preventing Google from licensing Mobile Services (GMS) to new models of Huawei devices. Available after May 16, 2019.

The US government has granted Huawei a temporary general license (TGL), which has been renewed several times over the past year.

According to an article published by the company in February, the temporary general license allows Google to continue working with Huawei to provide security updates and updates to Google apps.

The Commerce Department can still renew the temporary public license, according to a Washington Post report. The purpose of the temporary general license is to give US rural network providers time to replace any Huawei equipment they own.

According to the Washington Post report, it does not appear that the US Congress is allocating funds to help rural service providers replace equipment.

Regarding the effect of license expiration on Huawei smartphones, Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said: The temporary general license allows Google to provide security updates and updates. Google apps and services updates.

Tristan Ostrovsky, Legal Director of Android and Google Play, said in an article published on February 22, 2020: We will continue to work with Huawei to meet the requirements of government regulations on the delivery of Google applications on the Internet. Hardware and the service provides updates and security updates.

He added: "We will continue to do so as far as US law currently permits only Google to use publicly available hardware models in cooperation with Huawei on or before May 16, 2019." "

The question remains how license expiration will affect future software updates, and it appears Huawei devices that have Google apps will still own them.

However, if Huawei makes changes to its devices that do not take into account compatibility with Google apps, it will not benefit from Google's support.

Huawei may not be able to distribute the Google app in future software updates rolling out to older devices.

Although Huawei device models shipped before May 16, 2019 will continue to use Google's approved Android software, Google must agree to every new software update released by Huawei to ensure compliance with the Google mobile service identified by the Google distribution. Demands.

If Google can no longer operate legally with Huawei, it could mean that Google will no longer work with Huawei to distribute GMS versions in future software updates, even for pre-approved smartphones.

If the temporary general license is not updated, the effect of the security update may not be that severe.

Google will give manufacturers a month to include security updates and then release the next monthly Android Security Bulletin to the public.

Due to the expiration of the temporary general license, this may mean that Huawei is not receiving any initial information about security updates. However, security updates can still be integrated after they're released.

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