America is intensifying its campaign against Chinese applications
America is intensifying its campaign against Chinese applications

The Trump administration has said it is ramping up efforts to remove untrustworthy Chinese apps from US digital networks, citing Chinese short video chat and video chat (WeChat) apps as the main threat.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Mike Pompeo) said: The US expansion efforts in a government program called "Clean Network" will focus on five areas, including preventing various Chinese and Chinese applications of corporate telecommunications to access sensitive information about the United States. - Reaching out to citizens and companies. .

Pompeo's announcement came after US President Donald Trump threatened to ban TikTok when US lawmakers and the government criticized him for national security issues amid escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing. Popular video sharing app.

Pompeo said, "With the parent company located in China, TikTok, WeChat and other apps pose a major threat to the personal information of US citizens, not to mention the tool that is being used to censor communist content." China Party. "

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, "The United States has no right to build a clean network. He described Washington's actions as a case of" intimidation. "

"Everyone can clearly see that the United States intends to protect its technology monopoly and deny other countries the right to development," the Chinese foreign minister said.

TikTok is currently standing up ahead of September 15th to sell its US business to Microsoft or to impose an outright ban.

According to Pompeo, the U.S. is working to prevent Chinese telecom operator Huawei from installing or downloading the most popular American apps on its phones.

Pompeo said we do not want these companies to be involved in human rights violations by observers from Huawei or the Chinese Communist Party without mentioning some US companies.

The US Secretary of State said the department is working with other government agencies to block access to cloud-based systems operated by companies such as Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, and thus protect data for US citizens and the United States. American Intellectual Property.

The US State Department is also working to ensure that China cannot sneak into the information on submarine cables connecting the US to the global internet.

Pompeo's comments reflect the broader and faster steps Washington has taken to restrict Chinese tech companies' access to the market and consumers in the United States.

The US State Department statement said: The momentum for the Clean Grid program is increasing. There are now more than 30 countries and territories considered clean countries, and he is urging US allies to join the trend of data security against malicious entities.

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