America pays $ 10 million to report hackers
America pays $ 10 million to report hackers

The US State Department announced a reward of $ 10 million for any information that can be used to identify individuals who work with a foreign government or engage in illegal electronic activities on their behalf to disrupt US elections. .

This includes attacks on US election officials, US election infrastructure, voting machines, candidates and their personnel.

The announcement came 100 days before the 2020 US presidential election, when (Donald Trump) ran against the Democratic candidate (Joe Biden).

The State Department has stated that the ruling applies to any form of piracy at any level, such as federal, state, or local elections.

The US State Department has outlined attacks that it fears and hopes to stop: Foreign enemies can use malicious cyber operations against election infrastructure, including voter registration databases and voting machines. Vote to weaken the US election.

She added, "These opponents may also carry out malicious operations via the Internet against political organizations or conduct campaigns in the United States to steal confidential information and then disclose that information as part of an influence operation aimed at destroying political organizations or organizations. Of the candidates."

The State Department aims to stop and prosecute all government-funded foreign infiltrators, and describes the ability of foreign-backed infiltrators to interfere in US elections as a major threat to national security and politics in the United States.

Rewards are paid through the State Department's Judicial Rewards Program. The awards only apply to information about an intruder and foreign government activity that might disrupt the US electoral process, not just intruders.

This is said to be the third major prize for hacking intelligence obtained through the Justice Rewards program.

In April of this year, state officials offered a reward of $ 5 million for providing intelligence to identify and stop hackers from the North Korean government.

US officials have discovered that North Korean hackers have been responsible for a large number of commercially motivated cyber attacks in recent years, most of which are outside the normal range of intelligence collection.

The State Department offered a second big bounty to foreign hackers in July when the US Department of Defense awarded two Ukrainian hackers $ 1 million each for SEC violations in 2016.

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