YouTube removes 2500 channels linked to China
YouTube removes 2500 channels linked to China

Google said: To remove misinformation on the video-sharing platform, Google removed YouTube channels related to China between 2,500 and April, and 277 channels in the first three months of 2020.

The company said these channels were removed as part of its ongoing investigation into coordinated impact operations in China.

Google said in its quarterly announcement of the disinformation operations in the second quarter: These channels usually publish unnecessary and non-political content, but there is a group that publishes important political content in the Chinese language, similar to the recent Graphica report. The results include this. Linked to the US response to the Coronavirus.

Aside from the relationship between the video and similar activity monitored by the Twitter platform and the fake advertising activity identified in April by social media analytics firm Graphika, Google has not provided a channel or other details.

The (Graphic) report shows that there are a large number of accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms that were activated earlier this year and appear to be part of a global advertising campaign.

The Chinese report makes full use of the videos and long pages of the pro-China government channel in both Chinese and English.

Its political content is littered with excess posts, usually landscapes, basketball, and Tik Tok videos that appear disguised as political content.

Since the 2016 presidential election, disinformation from foreign institutions has attracted the attention of American politicians and technicians as officials associated with the Russian government have poured thousands of disinformation into the social media ecosystem. .

In the past four years, many people have tried not to repeat the mistakes made in 2016. Companies like Google and Facebook regularly publish the latest information about the fight against online advertising.

The declaration also touched on activities related to other countries, including Iran and Russia. Google stated that the Chinese campaign was cross-platform among other activities from Russia and Iran, with Facebook and Twitter reporting similar results.

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