Hunter Board: Electric Skateboard with Unique Suspension System
Hunter Board: Electric Skateboard with Unique Suspension System

Hunter Board believes they have a solution to attract more people interested in electric skateboards.

Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, the company claims to have created a unique suspension system. They can increase stability, reduce vibration, and reduce the risk of falling and self-harm.

Electric skateboards are less common than bicycles and scooters. Because most people lack the confidence to move in an upright position at high speed without carrying anything.

Even in poor road conditions, electric skating can be dangerous.

Not only does this suspension reduce the risk of falling passengers, but the road that cannot be tested due to obstacles has become an option to try for the first time, the Portuguese company said.

The skateboard is usually made of maple wood, but the fisherman's board avoids the flexible surface of the all-aluminum deck under which the battery is installed.

The skateboard weighs 9 kilograms and can reach speeds of 34 miles per hour compared to most electric skateboards that can reach speeds of 24 miles per hour.

The suspension can help make it easier to control these speeds, and Hunter's board says it can be rotated 25 degrees - enough to make a full circle on a single track.

The suspension is adjustable and the company will adjust it according to your weight before loading. Gone are the days when electric skateboard wheels were adapted to the terrain.

A stretch ceiling can absorb some of the impact of dirt, but it lags far behind a suspension system designed specifically for electric skateboards.

The 3600W dual-axis motor can range up to 30 degrees, and the replaceable battery provides a range of around 38 kilometers per charge. This is the standard configuration for modern electric skateboards.

There is also a remote control that should be revolutionary and it comes with a battery that can last around 50 trips.

The price of the tablet is 1949 dollars. The company has been working on its design for three years. Due to its aluminum design and industrial suspension, Hunter Board combines its Tesla (Cyber ​​Truck) scooters and trucks.

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