Apple's removal of the charger wouldn't save the planet it would increase profits
Apple's removal of the charger wouldn't save the planet it would increase profits
Apple has decided to stop including chargers and headphones in the packaging of the new iPhone 12 in an attempt to increase profits, and it is difficult to know how useful this will be on the planet.

This saved the company money, and people could recoup some of the environmental benefits from purchasing headphones and chargers separately.

Unlike previous models, iPhone 12 only comes with a (USB-C) to (Lightning) cable.

The company said: Removing the charger and headphones can reduce mining, packaging and CO2 emissions associated with manufactured products.

The company has also obtained the approval of some environmental organizations working to reduce e-waste. This is a growing problem that Apple has exacerbated as new products continue to be produced.

This new announcement marks Apple's final step in becoming a green company. It's also a major commitment from Apple in July to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

Apple's decision to cut waste is a sound financial one, and the bottom line clearly has a lot to do with that.

Technical analysts said: The move to 5G networks is the main reason why Apple hopes to cut costs by reducing the number of mobile phone accessories.

Analysts estimate that the cost of the new iPhone 12's RF components will be 30-35% higher than that of the previous iPhone. They said: Apple is committed to cutting costs in other areas of the phone.

Making the decision - without the chargers and headphones in new phones - is one of Apple's way of cutting costs.

This could increase the company's total revenue per cell phone by more than 1%, which means that this step is a strategy to maintain the existing mobile phone profitability.

Additionally, the cable included with the iPhone 12 is not compatible with the chargers found on many earlier iPhones.

Consumers who do not have a compatible charger will need to purchase a USB-C charger or wireless charger to use the new phone.

Apple believes that customers who buy a new iPhone will be able to use old headphones and chargers.

If people choose to buy AirPods because they don't own headphones, that will be a big win for Apple (not Earth).

If Apple sold roughly the same number of phones this year as it did in 2018 - nearly 217 million - and only 5% of people chose to buy AirPods, the company would generate an additional gross profit of $ 700 million.

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