Facebook moderators are forced to work in the office
Facebook moderators are forced to work in the office

The Facebook host, who works as an independent contractor in Dublin, said they still have to work in the office despite the new lockdown across Ireland.

According to a report in The Guardian, supervisors working for CPL have been told that they are prime workers.

This means that they are not subject to Irish restrictions Level 5 requiring people to work from home unless their main purpose is to keep their bodies in essential condition.

Ireland took strict lockdown measures earlier this week to contain the further increase in coronavirus cases.

Facebook said in a statement that its partners have started pushing some content reviewers into the office in recent months and that we've always focused on how to conduct content reviews in a way that ensures the safety of the reviewers.

She added: Supervisors who are considered at risk can work from home, and we work with partners to ensure strict health and safety measures are in place and confirmed disease detection.

Facebook requires staying away from the workplace and reducing workload, as well as mandatory temperature checks, wearing masks, and a thorough cleaning every day.

The supervisor who signed the contract said: When we came back to the Irish office in July, we were told that the confirmed coronavirus case led to the office being closed for 72 hours but the office had been open since the end of the three years. New cases opened September.

Facebook announced in May that it was changing its remote work policy to allow most of its 48,000 employees to work from home permanently.

However, Facebook has about 15,000 paid contractors, and these companies don't get the many benefits that company employees typically get from abroad.

It wasn't the first time that contract managers have had to work in their offices during the outbreak.

Facebook hosts spend a lot of time reviewing videos, hate speech, and other disturbing material, and many people have developed PTSD.

After a court ruled that the work had a serious impact on the employees' mental health, the platform reached a settlement agreement with current and former contractors for $ 52 million in May.

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