Gather .. a meeting service that resembles an old video game
Gather .. a meeting service that resembles an old video game

Meetings can be arranged through an old video game service called "Gather," which combines nostalgia for old video games with personal video chat.

Zoom has become a popular video chat platform with millions of meetings every day, but it is not suitable for everyone or for gatherings.

The Zoom platform is difficult to use with a large group of people and usually there is not much difference between the (zoom) experience, the experience of Cisco, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet (Webex), and other video chatting apps.

More and more people, companies, and universities are looking for fun and flexibility.

Gather launched in the spring. It has the beauty and simplicity of old school video games. You can use the up, down, left, and right arrows on the keyboard to move the avatar.

Anyone can use the service with up to 25 friends for free and instantly adjust the space.

There is also a paid version which allows it to be used with more users and adds features like more reliable services.

The company hasn't offered a specific number to users, but the number appears to be still low.

"Thousands of people come to the gathering every day, and most of them use the free version," said Philip Wang, CEO and co-founder.

The company was originally sponsored by its founders but is currently backed by income from holding conferences and universities.

Wang mentioned that one of the attractions of Gather is that it is more interesting than popular video chat services.

He said: Attending is not as boring as attending (expanding) all day.

In the service area, you can view other people's video chat threads and hear their voices as your avatar approaches their picture.

Teachers use collectors regularly to teach, and some companies use collectors as well.

Chris Nelson (Chris Nelson), professor of economics at Princeton University, founder and CEO of ConsiliumBots, has founded his own educational technology company, with offices and lounges for every employee.

A paid subscription to ConsiliumBots costs about $ 7 per person per month to ensure a reliable connection and offers additional features, including whiteboards.

Some users find Gather useful on special occasions and in their daily work, but it's not clear if video chatting is still necessary after the outbreak.

According to reports, despite the popularity, people had video chats before they became popular.

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