Starlink Internet operates on high speed trains
Starlink Internet operates on high speed trains

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has confirmed an alternative to allow Starlink to be used on high-speed trains around the world.

Data scientist Anton Kanerva in Sweden asked Musk via Twitter about the possibility of installing Starlink satellite antennas on high-speed trains to provide broadband in remote areas.

Canerva asked Musk on Twitter: Can the Starlink disk be used on fast-moving objects like trains? If the train had high speed internet, that would be nice.

According to Musk, adding Starlink Internet to the rail network is not a problem.

The Starlink satellites orbit the Earth at a distance of 550 kilometers and have four antennas for transmission. The user device has an engine that automatically aligns the satellite dish with the satellite dish.

Musk said that the user terminal is easy to set up and that the cost of launching 60 satellites per batch has been reduced to about $ 1 million per launch. However, the user terminal cost remains the main unresolved cost.

In an interview in May he said, "I think the biggest challenge will be the user terminal and making the cost of the user's device affordable for everyone."

“It could take several years as Musk hopes to be able to operate user stations for at least five years,” he added. This is due to the difficulty of repair or service in remote areas.

One of the main issues the FCC faces with SpaceX and other broadband satellite systems in LEO is whether they can provide low latency for broadband.

SpaceX recently submitted the Starlink Internet Performance Test to the FCC.

The test showed that the download speed was 102MB / s, the download speed was 40.5Mbit / s and the delay time was 19ms.

SpaceX is preparing to launch a public beta version of Internet Starlink in the northern United States.

In a special pilot test in parts of Washington state, Starlink Internet was used to assist emergency response teams in the aftermath of a wildfire in the state.

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