Google has sent out 33,000 phishing alerts
Google has sent out 33,000 phishing alerts

Google sent more than 33,000 notifications to its users in the first three quarters of 2020 alerting them to government-sponsored phishing attacks against their accounts.

In these cases, we would have shared our findings with the campaign and the FBI, said Shane Huntley, head of Google's threat assessment team.

Shows important alerts about attacks sent by Google users. Even if the hack attempt is blocked, they will be informed of the risk.

Google will also remind G Suite administrators to educate users about the risks to the corporate network and quickly warn them of potential attacks.

These alerts show up to 0.1% of all Gmail users and suggest various measures to protect account security.

This includes registering with the Advanced Protector, updating the software, enabling two-step verification, and using (Google Authenticator) or physical security keys for two-step verification.

So far in 2020, Google has sent 3,3015 alerts about government-sponsored phishing attacks, including 11,856 alerts in the first quarter, 10,023 alerts in the second quarter, and 10,136 alerts in the third quarter. .

The search giant said in March it sent nearly 40,000 alerts about phishing or hacking via government-sponsored malware in 2019, down 25% from 2018.

Microsoft reported last month that it was monitoring government-funded hacker groups run by Russia, China, and Iranians who were actively targeting individuals and organizations participating in the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

Microsoft said at the time: We have informed those who have been targeted or hacked directly so that they can take action to protect themselves.

Google discovered one of the organizations behind the Microsoft attack, the China Backed Organization (APT31), which also targeted personal email.

In addition to providing a fake installer (McAfee Total Protection) on the victim's computer to distribute malware, APT31 also uses malware hosted on Dropbox.

Google has also spotted a North Korean group trying to focus on coronavirus research and new targets for drug companies.

Reports from Google and Microsoft confirmed US government intelligence on Russian, Iranian and Chinese hacker groups trying to harm political campaigns and candidates in the United States.

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