Samsung automatically blocks unwanted calls
Samsung automatically blocks unwanted calls

Starting with the Galaxy Note 20 series, many Samsung users are preparing to have automatic spam detection and blocking features on their device.

Apple introduced the same functionality on iPhones running iOS 13.

This Korean giant can detect fraudulent and unnecessary calls thanks to the phone program powered by (Hiya), a company that detects malicious calls.

The service is now expanding to automatically block these calls between devices running the user interface (One UI 2.5).

The user interface (One UI 2.5) is basically installed only between the device (Note 20) and (Z Fold 2), but it must be able to receive other devices, for example: (Galaxy S20) and (Galaxy S9) and (Galaxy Note 10) As per this interface.

Samsung is also expected to release this updated user interface on two Galaxy A series phones: the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51.

As a consumer, you do not need to take any action to block these calls as (Hiya) uses databases and cloud services to identify and block these calls.

There are other popular apps like Truecaller that you can use to identify and block unwanted calls.

However, you need to install this app and change your phone settings (for iOS and Android) to enable call blocking.

In addition to this announcement, Samsung has expanded its partnership with (Hiya) to implement unwanted caller identification solutions by 2025.

(Hiya) said: This feature will be enabled on eligible mobile phones in more than 40 countries / regions in North America, South America and Europe and we are working hard to include more countries. Regions in the list.

She added: The improved security makes Samsung devices the most secure smartphone in the world against fraudulent calls.

(Hiya) Keep going (Samsung Smart Call) to keep Galaxy users safe from fraudulent and unnecessary calls.

Similar to the (Google Phone) app, the company can use the (Brand Call) feature to provide the name, logo, and reason for calling customers, giving Samsung devices better customer access.

Organizations also have access to reputation monitoring and management, allowing them to track their reputation and avoid being marked as "unnecessary calls."

“Samsung is committed to making the mobile experience safer and more interactive for our customers. We are extremely excited to continue (Hiya) cooperation to provide the best solutions for our customers around the world,” said Song Ankang, vice president and head of Samsung’s Communications and Mobile Technology Business Strategy, in a statement.

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