Which Samsung phones block spam calls automatically?
Which Samsung phones block spam calls automatically?

Since the company entered into an agreement with (Hiya) to block unwanted messages automatically through its (Smart Call) feature, it will quickly avoid automatic calls and unnecessary phone calls on Samsung phones, making these calls without your addiction. You can seek help from your wireless service provider.

The effort relies on Hiya's real-time detection technology. Not only do you report the steps of some phones, you just have to go to call settings and activate (caller ID and anti-spam) to activate (smart calling).

The anti-spam feature will initially be used on devices such as the Galaxy Note 20 series. As of 2021, all newly released Samsung phones are expected to have this feature, as Samsung has currently agreed with (Hiya), and it will continue until 2025. . Public.

It is not a completely new concept. For example, Google introduced call filtering on Pixel phones, which can monitor call content and stop fraudsters without ringing your phone.

However, Samsung's sheer size can make it significant - hundreds of millions of people can automatically defend themselves against fraud and other forms of spam.

Whether or not this is necessary is another matter because the United States and other countries are blocking unnecessary calls and reporting (and now blocking) callers from the Carrier bot. Samsung add-ons are very useful in places where this protection cannot be provided or where phones are prevented from leaking through the cracks.

It should be noted that the trial of Samsung's attorney general has already started when South Korean prosecutors last month filed a lawsuit against the heir and ten current and former company executives over the merger of two Samsung subsidiaries who helped the heirs even more. To control the parent company.

Samsung's heir, 52, did not attend the first trial in Seoul Central District Court and the heir has been sentenced to prison terms in a separate case. The latest measures pose legal risks to South Korea's largest conglomerate, including the possibility of another prison. The attorney for the crown prince denied the allegation in court on Thursday, saying the merger and liability measures proposed by the attorney general were part of normal business operations.

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