The humming feature of Google search discovers the song
The humming feature of Google search discovers the song

Google added a new feature to its search tool called "Hum" that allows you to be humble or sing for 15 seconds and then introduce yourself using machine learning technology.

Google says: We know how frustrating you can be when you don't remember the name of a particular song or word and the melody is still in your head. Now there are new features that can help you with that. Find out that no words are needed, the name of the singer or the perfect voice.

This feature is based on music recognition technology developed by the AI ​​research team. In 2017, Google introduced Now Play to Pixel 2 phones that use deep neural networks to discover music.

In 2018, the company introduced the same technology into the (SoundSearch) function of the Google app and expanded access to millions of songs.

The new functions can be used in the Google app for Android and iOS, as well as in the Google Smart Assistant. Just ask Google what kind of song is this? Or click the newly added songs search button and schedule ringtone.

Then Google will show you results based on the likelihood of a match. You can click on the results to hear it, just like you search for another track on Google.

Google said: This feature works with its machine learning model. It converts the sound into a digital sequence that represents the melody of the song so that it can be compared to the existing songs.

The search giant stated that in addition to actual studio recordings, it also trained these models through a variety of channels, including singing, whistling, or whistling.

For example, Google's algorithm can remove musical instruments and a singer's pitch, so it can only focus on the number sequence when matching songs.

The Buzz feature announced by Google and many other search-related features during the Search On event should work with a different sound regardless of whether the user is in the best view or not.

According to Google, Google is asked for information about the address nearly 100 million times a month.

The new modest search function is available in English on iOS and in more than 20 languages ​​through Android. More jobs will be added in the future.

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