The UK prohibits the use of cell phones while driving
The UK prohibits the use of cell phones while driving

In the United Kingdom, the government has fined 200 pounds ($ 258.30) for drivers who use their cell phones in any way behind the wheel. If the violations increase, their driver's license can be revoked.

While it is illegal in the UK to make calls or send text messages on cell phones while driving, taking pictures, scrolling through audio file playlists or even playing games on cell phones is not against the law. Until now, drivers have been able to avoid detection. Violations of using cell phones.

The government will strive to update the law to address legal loopholes as violations are currently defined only as "interactive communication".

"Our roads are among the safest in the world, but we want to make sure they are safer by enacting legislation in the 21st century," said Baroness Veer, UK Roads Secretary.

The minister added, "That is why we want to tighten the law on the use of cell phones when driving illegal vehicles in a variety of situations." It is distracting and dangerous. Stunt riders have already gotten rid of it, but this update means those who do something wrong will have the full effect of the law. ''

The government said: This change will take effect after 12 weeks of public consultations. When the police see the driver pick up the phone and use it while driving, the police will be asked to take immediate action. The violation results in a fine of £ 200 and 6 points deducted from your driver's license. Note that a driver's license is generally revoked after removing 12 points due to the violation.

Drivers can still use the phone as a way to pay for goods or services from companies such as fast food restaurants.

A government spokesman said motorists could still use cell phones for navigation unless they were carried by hand. If you put the cell phone on the steering wheel, the driver will always be upset and talk to the cell phone while driving.

"Using cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous and distracted driving will change people's lives forever," said National Police Chief Anthony Bingham. .

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