Zoom allows you to suspend the meeting to stop disruptions
Zoom allows you to suspend the meeting to stop disruptions

A new feature has been introduced with the Zoom video conferencing platform that allows meeting organizers to notify them when online meetings can be interrupted by a malicious hacker attack called Zoombombing, which is a huge problem for business year-round.

The company announced in a blog post that it is now possible to suspend meetings with Zoom to lay off those who are annoying.

This new feature is called "Risk Meeting Alert" and the service can be used on Zoom servers and constantly searched for links to platform meetings through public posts on social media platforms and others. Public sites.

When Meeting Alert Risk finds the title of a Zoom meeting, it automatically sends an email to the meeting organizer and informs others that the meeting is present and accessible. People with special needs.

A Zoombomb attack usually occurs after attendees share a link to a Zoom meeting (sometimes their password) through a social media platform, Discord channel, or Reddit forum and ask others to disrupt the meeting.

This type of attack was common in March of this year when the Coronavirus pandemic made the platform an online communication tool for families, schools, businesses, and government agencies. .

The platform enforced a password for the meeting and added a button to mark attendees as spam. However, the attack continued, mainly due to anonymous sharing of links and passwords for private meetings on the Internet.

With the help of new features, Zoom aims to reduce some of today's failures before they happen.

The new feature is enabled by default and users do not need to take any action on their account.

If you pause the participant's activity by pressing the security icon during a call, all the branch rooms will be closed and the Zoom platform will keep video, audio, chat, screen sharing and recording, which will stop the attacker's activity.

After the Zoom security team notifies the affected user and leaves the meeting, the host can choose which aspects of the meeting to continue.

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