WhatsApp .. Why should you avoid the new disappearing self-messaging feature?
WhatsApp .. Why should you avoid the new disappearing self-messaging feature?

WhatsApp has been working on a compromised automatic messaging feature, known as (Gold) for several months now, and it tracks competing messaging apps as the app updates its website. On the FAQ page, it appears that WhatsApp is implementing this feature.

The update page revealed by (WABetaInfo) reveals everything we need to know about disappearing messages in the popular WhatsApp. Unfortunately, the functionality appears to be much inferior to similar functions in other apps.

Perhaps the biggest hit for WhatsApp is that it's just a simple switch (open and close). At the same time, the signal and the cable have an adjustable time limit, which ranges from a few seconds to a week. In particular, WhatsApp messages which automatically disappeared after only 7 days were gone.

Another disadvantage of using this feature is that the recipient's phone will automatically save the media content sent by the hacked message. Common problems will require the user to turn off automatic download on access, then use data and storage to stop it. Behavior However, this is likely what every chat user should do, which makes you wonder about the benefit of hiding from messages if they are not deleted by default.

The FAQ section also warns that citing a post you deleted yourself in the answer means that the post (most likely) will still be in the chat after seven days. If you forward the hidden message to another WhatsApp chat with inactive posts, they will not delete your personal data. Both of these behaviors are quite strange as it is believed that even self-deleted references are deleted (only responses remain) and these temporary messages cannot be sent.

The team also noted that users can take screenshots of messages that they have deleted instead of presenting screenshot warnings shown in Snapchat and Telegram apps. In other words, it is better to use these two services. If you really want to delete messages more easily, you'd better use (Signal).

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