$ 55 million for a trip to the International Space Station
$ 55 million for a trip to the International Space Station

If you have $ 55 million and want to take a SpaceX rocket to the International Space Station, this is possible because the first private space crew of three paid $ 55 million each and the way to the station was revealed.

They will be led by Mike Soufredini (Mike Suffredini), former director of the NASA Space Station Program and CEO of Axiom Space (the company organized the flight in January).

Suffredini said it was the first private flight to the International Space Station and it was never conducted. Although the mission commander is well known in the space circuit, only the other three want to leave. Go to space, we present an opportunity to do so.

The first crew will stay on the space station for eight days. After taking off from Cape Canaveral, it takes a day or two to board the SpaceX Dragon capsule.

Russia has been involved in foreign tourism for many years and has been selling flights to the International Space Station since 2001.

Other airlines like Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin plan to attract paying customers for one-minute flights that could start this year.

Axiom Space's first clients are real estate and technology entrepreneur Larry Connor, Canadian financier (Mark Pathy) and entrepreneur (Eitan Stepe).

These people do this with the aim of improving their communities and countries / regions. Because of their enthusiasm and interest, we are not satisfied with the creation of the first team. These clients intend to keep scientific research on the right track and more advanced education, Saffredini said.

(Tom Cruise) Tom Cruise (Tom Cruise) was mentioned as a potential crew member last year. A senior NASA official confirmed that he is interested in photographing the space station. However, no information is currently available regarding Cruise's participation in Axiom's upcoming spaceflight.

The special astronauts must pass a medical and undergo a 15-week training. Connor (70) should be considered the second most important person in space after John Glenn. John Glenn Glenn) died in 1998 at the age of 77.

Axiom Space plans to run special missions to the space station twice a year and is working hard to bring a capsule to the space station from 2024.

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