Tik Tok is facing complaints across Europe
Tik Tok is facing complaints across Europe

TikTok, a Chinese short video sharing platform owned by ByteDance, received numerous complaints today (Tuesday) from European consumer groups over alleged violations of consumer laws in the neighborhood and failure to protect consumers from hidden ads and inappropriate content.

TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world, especially among teens, and after numerous accidents, its privacy and security policies are also increasingly being criticized.

The European Consumer Group (BEUC) raised several points in the complaint, including terms of use.

She said that the terms of use are vague and unclear regarding the platform, but they chose the platform at the expense of their users, and their copyright provisions are unfair because they allow the platform's models to use, distribute and copy the post freely. Irrevocable right of the video.

The organization stated that the company's standard project policy contains unfair conditions and misleading behaviors that allow users to purchase money to give virtual gifts to Tik Tok celebrities who love their accomplishments.

Consumer European Organization said: Tik Tok has failed to protect children and teens from hidden ads and potentially harmful content on its platform.

The European Consumer Group added: The company's practices in handling users' personal data are misleading.

In addition to complaints from European consumer groups, consumer organizations in 15 countries have alerted the authorities and called for action.

A TikTok spokesperson said: We've always welcomed improvement suggestions. We reached out to the European Consumer Group and held a welcome meeting in Europe to hear their concerns.

The company said it developed an in-app summary of its privacy policy to help teens understand their stance on privacy.

TikTok hopes to cement its position as a home for soccer fans to share their passion for the game. Therefore, TikTok has teamed up with UEFA EURO to become the official global sponsor of the EURO 2020 Football Tournament.

As team sports struggle during the pandemic, these platforms are helping fans connect with their sports in new ways.

TikTok is the first digital entertainment platform to sponsor major international competitions in the UEFA Champions League. Therefore, this partnership is the first of its kind in the world.

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