Amazon manufactures broadcast TV sets in India
Amazon manufactures broadcast TV sets in India

US internet retail giant Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will start producing televisions in India this year through a division of Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn.

India’s Minister of Electronics and Information Technology said, “We welcome Amazon’s decision to establish a production line in Chennai as it increased local manufacturing capacity and created jobs.

“India is an attractive investment destination and is expected to become a major player in the global supply chain for the electronics and computer products industry,” he added.

The Fire TV Stick is based on Foxconn's cloud technology and is located outside the southeastern coastal city of Chennai. This is the first time that Amazon has produced any of its devices in India.

Amazon said: It will produce hundreds of thousands of Fire TV Stick devices every year to meet the needs of Indian customers. This is the company's first ever production of a device in India.

The company added on its blog that Amazon is constantly evaluating its ability to expand into other markets and cities based on local needs.

The Reliance Group's communications project Jio was launched in 2016, ushering in the era of cheap data in India that is fueling the growth of video and audio streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix.

This created a market for streaming media devices like the Fire TV Stick.

Amazon's decision to manufacture the device in India coincides with the grand policy of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) to turn the country into a center for manufacturing electronic products to cooperate with other Asian countries such as India, China and Taiwan to compete. Employment opportunities.

Local manufacturing efforts in New Delhi prompted Foxconn and Westron factories to expand into India, with the flagship manufacturer Pegatron also establishing a base in the country.

This policy helped India to become the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and increased its manufacturing capacity.

India is a huge growing market for the company as Amazon recently opened a 9.5-acre headquarters in the country and pledged to spend $ 5.5 billion to fund its expansion.

However, the government has also encouraged more production through the Made in India program. The company has reportedly banned Apple from opening three stores unless it stops selling locally made products.

For this reason, tech companies like Samsung and Apple recently started making cell phones, tablets and other devices here.

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