Amazon opened a grocery store in London without a cashier
Amazon opened a grocery store in London without a cashier

Amazon opened the first cashless grocery store from Amazon in London and opened Amazon Fresh outside the United States.

The business uses the company's Just Walk Out technology, picks customer products from the shelves and can go out of business, without having to pay a cashier.

Invoices are processed automatically, but customers need to scan their Amazon app to log in.

This release marks a major expansion of the Amazon cash register store plan.

Assistive Store technology, which uses cameras to track customers and their purchases, was introduced to the first Amazon Go Store in Seattle in 2016.

There are now more than 20 Amazon Go stores in the United States. The plan was extended last year to open a larger grocery store called Amazon Go Grocery.

Amazon said the London store contains a variety of foods and fresh foods, and the store is also preparing to warm foods sold under the Amazon brand name. The goal is to provide customers with needed space at their local grocery store.

The store opens at 7 AM this morning and is open until 11 PM. 7 days a week.

The store covers 2,500 square feet, just like the company's Amazon Go store in the US, and it's much smaller than the first Amazon Go grocery store.

"It plans to open more stores in the Greater London area," the company said.

In the UK, the company uses its Amazon Fresh brand for its cashless transactions instead of Amazon Go in the US.

Amazon has an Amazon Fresh produce warehouse in Los Angeles, but it doesn't operate without a cashier and relies on high-tech shopping carts.

The company has taken a number of measures to solve the hygiene problems in stores caused by the epidemic, so that up to 20 people can be accommodated outside the company and equipped with individual protective gloves for protective equipment at the entrance to the store.

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