Polaroid made a pen that you can use to draw candy bars
Polaroid made a pen that you can use to draw candy bars

Polaroid has taken the world of 3D printing pens to the next level with its CandyPlay 3D pen, replacing plastic with melted candy so you can eat it after completing your masterpiece.

Point out that the idea of ​​the CandyPlay 3D pen is not entirely new because improved 3D printers have produced edible materials to replace PLA plastic.

Kids can also use the 3D printing pens that have been throwing out melted chocolate since 2015.

The CandyPlay 3D pen is completely manual so anyone can start creating without first learning how to use the software to design or prepare 3D models.

Unlike a chocolate stick, the candy material used here is strong enough to group together to create a 3D model slowly in the cold.

CandyPlay 3D Pen is around $ 50. There are four boxes of strawberry flavor sweets and six different sweet flavors (strawberry, orange, apple, grape, lemon and cola) to choose from.

The edible prints appear to be sugar free and suitable for vegetarians, while the candy boxes are not very good.

Each cartridge flavor costs about 40 packs of flavors at $ 28 and 48 packs of multi-flavor baits (8 cans each) at about $ 32.

Polaroid appears to be a type of inkjet printer. Most of the income comes from the ink cartridges. However, with the increasing popularity of this pen, you can expect to see cheaper and more expensive third-party ink cartridges. Competitiveness.

The Polaroid CandyPlay 3D pen appears to be easy to use. You can plug it in (the battery does not need to be charged), wait for the LED to show whether the heating mechanism is hot enough, then press the button to push it or the constant candy (if you don't). No, you are holding down the button.

Polaroid recommends starting with some of the templates provided and downloading those from the website so that users can place the design under the parchment paper to create edible desserts and familiarize yourself with how the pen works.


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