Caviar launches an iPad Pro made from one kilogram of gold
Caviar launches an iPad Pro made from one kilogram of gold

The Russian company Caviar has taken a different step than it has been in the past, replacing the Apple logo on the back of many iPhones and iPads with a whole golden apple tree glued to a dark apple wood background.

Russian caviar usually produces very expensive and very personal Apple products. In a press release, he said: We have rolled out a new line of accessories for Apple Wood, including two iPhone 12 Pro and three iPad Pro. Quotation marks engraved with Tim Cook. ) Tim Cook and (Steve Jobs) Steve Jobs.

The most expensive and premium model costs about $ 190,000. IPad Pro is decorated with 81 natural diamonds of 3 mm diameter engraved with unforgettable memories of Tim Cook and Steve Jobs.

Equipped with more than a kilogram of 18 karat gold, the Grand Apple iPad Pro has quotes engraved on the body, including a posts quote for "Dare to follow your heart and intuition" and Cook's quote for "Leave. Looking forward to the journey, no distant goal."

The upper part of the device is decorated with an apple tree in pure gold, and the background is of solid dark apple wood. You can decide whether to use the iPad Pro 11 or iPad Pro 12.9 and its storage capacity.

Due to the great complexity of the design of the device, one Grand Apple iPad Pro will be manufactured for $ 185,000.

There is also the Apple Diamond lineup, which includes the iPad Pro and iPhone 12 Pro, as well as the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

There are 9 natural diamonds used in these devices, and Cook said, "Life is fragile. We cannot guarantee tomorrow, so do whatever you can." Every iPhone and iPad in the Apple Diamond series consists of 99 parts.

There is also a Golden Apple series for the iPhone and iPad, but there are no diamonds in this group. In addition to the golden apple tree, there is more apple wood, each of which has 99 parts.

To learn more about Caviar's Apple Suite, please visit the official website.


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