Find My from Apple lets you know if you are being tracked
Find My from Apple lets you know if you are being tracked

Apple's Find Me app may contain a new security feature that will prevent other users from using the app's tracker to track you.

The Project Security Alert feature in the iOS 14.5 Beta will notify you when an unknown device is moved followed by Find Me with you so you can remove or disable it.

This feature appears to be designed for situations where the Find Me-enabled device is hidden in a pocket and then used to track a person's movements.

The Item Security Alert setting was found in an earlier version of iOS 14.3, but the setting was removed until it appeared again in iOS 14.5.

In beta, this setting is on by default, and Apple wants it to remain the same.

If you disable this setting, the system will warn you that unknown devices can see your location without reminding you.

Since Apple plans to open the app to third-party extensions, it is very important to fix the tracking risks in Find Me.

It's hard to hide an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook in the pocket for tracking, but it might be much easier to use a small, keychain-sized device (like the SmartTag from Galaxy Samsung or the UWB- Tracker from Tile).

The Apple AirTags product is also vulnerable to abuse. The reintroduction of this feature in iOS may mean the product will be launched soon.

While the range of Apple's "Find Me" network may not be as strong as the GPS signals, it may be beyond your imagination.

If the Apple device is near one of the supported trackers, it can update its location even if the tracker does not have its own internet connection.

In theory, AirTags products can improve coverage and accuracy because the added UWB signal makes it easier to find objects behind walls and other rooms.

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