Google Assistant offers emotional support in Arabic
Google Assistant offers emotional support in Arabic

Google has turned its digital attention to mental health in the Middle East. The move adds emotional support in Arabic to help its virtual assistants reach people in the area.

Virtual Assistants from large tech companies (such as Google, Apple, and Amazon) act as a support system for the day-to-day activities of smartphone users.

Since these services like Siri and Alexa aim to improve the quality of life, some of these services now focus on improving general well-being by focusing on physical and mental health.

In a year of the pandemic, the demand for telemedicine consulting and applications increased in an unprecedented way, allowing doctors to track patients' progress.

In response to wellness issues caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Arabic version of the Google Assistant is being used to provide expert advice online on emotional and mental health issues.

The internet giant has teamed up with Safe Space, a UAE-based mental health organization.

Naguib Jarrar, Marketing Director for Consumer Products at Google, said, “Although the past year has been very difficult for many of us, I am glad that people have been actively exploring the internet to find ways to improve themselves and help their loved ones East and North Africa.

I hope these answers provide reliable response mechanisms and expert advice to those who need them, he added. Through our partnership with Safe Space, millions of people who use Google Assistant for Arabic daily have received expert opinions on emotional well-being that are simple and easy to use.

Arabic speakers can now find expert advice on how best to deal with sadness, loneliness, fatigue, fear or anger. In some cases, Google Assistant will encourage users to seek more expert advice.

When people feel lonely, anxious, sad, or angry, services supported by artificial intelligence can calm their nerves.

The Arabic-speaking digital companion encourages users to turn to experts rather than advise them on serious mental health issues.

Each answer is carefully designed based on the answer mechanism created by the safe space wizard, and the answer is verified by the expert.

Users can get emotional support through smart home devices or get help at any time through their mobile phones.

Helpers who can understand all Arabic dialects and Modern Standard Arabic answers are also prepared to provide a service to help people meditate.

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