Google cuts store fees for developers
Google cuts store fees for developers

Google announced that, as of July 1, it will cut 30% of the cost of every digital purchase on the Google Play Store across all android devices in the world thanks to the millions of dollars that the digital store makes every year. Developer. .

According to Google, this change means that 99% of Android developers selling digital goods or services will cut their spending by 50%.

After Apple announced it would cut spending by 15% last year as part of its new small business plan, Google News followed suit.

There is a fundamental difference that Apple's fee waivers are only available to developers whose annual income is less than $ 1 million. However, if the app maker crosses the million dollar threshold, it plans to remove Apple any season of the year and subject it to a record 30% tax rate.

Google plans to give developers a flat $ 1 million allowance every year.

This means that regardless of whether you are a freshman or a multi-billion dollar company, Google will only deduct you 15% of the first million dollars you make each year through the Google Play Store.

This means that any money you earn later will pay a usual 30% fee.

A Google spokesperson said: The company believes it is fair to distribute the price cuts evenly across all companies and that this is in line with its goal of helping developers of all sizes.

Since launching the Google Play Store as the Android Market, Google has charged a 30% fee for every purchase made through the Google Play Store.

A 30% fee is set throughout the Google Store lifecycle, excluding subscriptions. In 2018, it was announced that the proportion of one-year subscription products that users subscribe to was reduced by 15%.

Relatively speaking, there are relatively few developers that earn more than $ 1 million annually but still have to pay 30% of the cost.

Google indicated that only about 3% of Android developers charge for app downloads or digital in-app purchases, and only 1% of those developers make more than $ 1 million.

This new policy also appeared at a critical time when App Store policies were under scrutiny. First, Fortnite was taken out of Apple and Google stores, then antitrust lawsuits were filed against Apple and Google.

This issue is also the highest law as states like Arizona and North Dakota are discussing new laws that require Google and Apple to provide more ways to distribute software and alternative payment methods across platforms.

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