IOS 14.4.2 fixed an actively exploited vulnerability
IOS 14.4.2 fixed an actively exploited vulnerability

Apple has released two new minor updates for iOS and watchOS devices. The company recommends all users to download iOS 14.4.2 and watchOS 7.3.3 as soon as possible.

Additionally, Apple released a similar security update to iOS 12.5.2 for older devices that cannot run iOS 14 (such as iPhone 5S or iPhone 6).

Like iOS 14.4.1 and previous macOS 11.2.3, they are working to fix vulnerabilities.

In contrast to major software updates (which may provide updated features), iOS 14.4.2, iPadOS 14.4.2, and watchOS 7.3.3 are now released to address active vulnerabilities in the browser engine. WebKit.

This vulnerability allows malicious websites to run scripts on multiple websites so that anyone can obtain information from other websites that you open on your device.

Apple indicated there was at least one report of someone exploiting the vulnerability. The company said the threat may have been actively exploited, so it is not just a potential threat.

The threat has been fixed by a recent update to Apple CVE-2021-1879 and was first described in detail by (Clement Lecigne) and (Billy Leonard) Billy Leonard of the Google Threat Analysis Group. .

The vulnerability is described as a zero-day attack that affected a variety of Apple devices including the iPhone 6s and later, and all iPad Pro models and Apple Watch Series 3 and later - mainly iPhones, iPads, Apple any watch model and iPod. touch. Contact. Link.

According to Apple, this update brings important security updates and is recommended for all users.

The surprising release of iOS 14.4.2 is the latest in a series of emergency security updates over the past few weeks.

Cross-site scripts allow attackers to attack you in various ways. This may include redirecting you to malicious or malicious websites, performing cross-site operations on your behalf, and even pulling information from your browsing session.

Since this is WebKit content, it may affect every website you visit and many applications.

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