Musk: Tesla could be the biggest company outperforming Apple
Musk: Tesla could be the biggest company outperforming Apple

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted: I think the likelihood of Tesla becoming the biggest company is over 0%, adding, maybe you can keep up with that in a few months.

Musk's second tweet provided clues as to when Tesla's market value was expected to rise, but the screenshots were widely shared on Twitter.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission clashed with Musk and Tesla because the CEO had previously used Twitter without restrictions.

In the third quarter of 2018, after thousands of followers tweeted, Musk faced fraud allegations from the Securities and Exchange Commission when he was considering selling Tesla for $ 420 per promotion. He moved to the private sector and Musk Tesla got funding. Tesla's share price rose more than 6% that day.

Musk and Tesla reached a settlement agreement under which the CEO and company paid a $ 20 million fine each and agreed that they could not file the patent application, including the other terms.

However, the SEC ordered the court to indict him for violating the Tesla Agreement after he tweeted about Tesla's production volume in early 2019. The agency said it was breaching the terms.

As a condition of a revised Settlement Agreement, Tesla is required to accept all written communications, including Twitter and other social media posts, that contain material information about the company.

Recently, a Tesla contributor (Chase Gharrity) took legal action against Musk for his continued use of Twitter.

When Musk tweeted in May 2020 that Tesla's stock price is so high, Gatti said it was costing shareholders billions of dollars.

After that, Tesla's share price decreased by 10%, which means that the company's market capitalization is down by more than $ 13 billion.

Musk also commented on the prices of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, via tweets on his account, which currently has 49.7 million subscribers.

The National Labor Relations Board passed a ruling and instructed Tesla to ask Musk to delete previous tweets that federal agencies believed were threatening employees. Musk has time to stick with it, but he hasn't yet removed the offending documents from Twitter.

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