The Apple App Store faces a new antitrust investigation
The Apple App Store faces a new antitrust investigation

The UK Competition and Markets Authority announced Thursday that the UK regulator has launched a new antitrust investigation into the Apple App Store.

If the details are the same as the European Union's antitrust investigation, it is no coincidence.

The UK is considering terms that developers must agree to when creating a program for the Apple App Store, along with commissions for in-app purchases paid to the company.

The UK Market and Competition Authority wants to determine whether Apple's approach is anti-competitive, although today's announcement is only the first step in a lengthy regulatory process.

Millions of people use the apps every day to check the weather, play games or order ready-to-eat food, and thus complain that Apple is taking advantage of its services, Andrea Coscelli, CEO of the UK Competition and Markets Authority, said in a statement posted online Thursday morning. Site in the market. . Setting unfair conditions that can limit competition and selection (which may lead to customers losing out in purchasing and using apps) requires careful consideration.

“Continuous digital market inspections have revealed worrying trends, and we know that companies and consumers are at real risk of harm if we fail to monitor the anti-competitive practices of large tech companies,” Cozzelli added. Here we continue. The reason to create a new digital marketing department and launch new surveys when we have a reason.

The UK antitrust investigation appears to be the same as the recently announced European Union investigation and the UK Market and Competition Authority press release acknowledges this fact.

After leaving the European Community, the UK will have to double the number of these requests, making UK consumers even more vulnerable.

If Britain were to impose real sanctions on tech giants in California, Britain's influence over Apple would be drastically reduced after the UK leaves the European Union.

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