A clubhouse competitor from Facebook is coming this summer
A clubhouse competitor from Facebook is coming this summer

Facebook announced a number of new products that focus on audio rather than text, images, or video to compete with Clubhouse.

These products are expected to hit the market in the next few months, in some cases with a small number of people.

Notably, Facebook is launching a competitor for the club's social audio app called Live Audio Rooms, which will be released this summer.

It's tested against crowds and public figures first, but it also performs to Messenger.

Users can record and distribute their conversations, and people can bill for access to these rooms with a subscription or a one-time payment.

Facebook announced the launch of a "Sound Producers Fund" to support aspiring audio producers.

All of these conversations can also be converted into audio clips. This is an upcoming feature that will allow users to create and share short podcasts and account news feeds to promote.

The audio clip is in the news feed and users can save it through another Facebook tool the company calls an audio studio in your pocket.

Not only do audio clips seem to contain basic audio clips, but also special effects, texts, and other useful features.

The company is also developing an audio streaming feature that allows users to browse, download and listen to podcasts directly from the Facebook app. Also, users can listen to the audio while the app is open and in the background. .

It's worth noting that Facebook is testing monetization features across all of its new audio features and plans to incorporate tech features and allow developers to offer paid memberships for visiting rooms.

Facebook isn't the only platform that tests social voice, as Twitter has been testing the Spaces voice feature for several months and Reddit is previewing its own version of Reddit Talk.

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