Amazon tests the delivery and installation of furniture for its customers
Amazon tests the delivery and installation of furniture for its customers

According to the latest report from Bloomberg, Amazon is experimenting with an advanced service that allows customers to assemble furniture after they arrive home.

If the move were widespread, the world's largest online retailers would be able to compete more effectively with Wayfair, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe's, all of which offer similar options.

Amazon originally planned to offer this service in Virginia and two other markets.

The company currently offers scheduled delivery of bulky items (such as bunk beds and walkers) to specific rooms in buyers' homes.

This new service requires drivers to disassemble, assemble, unload and pick up items if the customer is dissatisfied.

Previously, customers had to ask others to come home and collect products at various times.

Drivers can be trained to install home appliances like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers, which poses a particular threat to Home Depot, Lowe's and Best Buy, which also sell fitted home appliances.

The new product simplifies existing Amazon Home service and is available in some cities.

With Amazon Home Services, customers can hire on-site contractors to assemble furniture or install ceiling fans and wall-mounted televisions.

This new service is designed to make Amazon-managed delivery more convenient, cheaper, and easier.

The driver refuses to provide this new service and has many concerns, such as: b. Insufficient training.

A driver said the company did not take into account the crowded homes with narrow stairs because it could increase delivery times.

During the pandemic, the demand for large items such as desks and office chairs has soared.

Buyers were also more willing to purchase more expensive products online as they preferred to shop in physical stores.

In 2020, online sales of furniture and housewares grew 41%, to $ 36.1 billion.

Although sales growth has slowed, sales are expected to increase this year to $ 37.3 billion.

Increasing demand for bulky items led to delivery bottlenecks and weeks of delay, giving Amazon the ability to quickly deliver items with a reputation for selling bulky items (like furniture).

The e-commerce giant is struggling to keep up with the tremendous success of Wayfair, which replaced Amazon as the largest online home appliances retailer in the United States in 2019.

Amazon owns its own furniture brand and launched a virtual reality shopping showroom feature in 2019 that allows customers to see what furniture looks like at home.

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