Fitbit is working on the Luxe fitness tracker
Fitbit is working on the Luxe fitness tracker

Fitness and smartwatch maker Fitbit is preparing to launch the Fitbit Luxe, which appears to be the company's most elegant fitness tracker yet.

Fitbit Luxe should not only guarantee a beautiful design but also offer many useful functions. Sometimes new features are needed to keep the wearer healthy and fit.

Fitbit clearly strives for aristocratic behavior, which is why it relies on a case made of brushed stainless steel.

With Fitbit Luxe, manufacturers want the very classic OLED screens and bracelet-style clasps that have been standard watches for hundreds of years.

These frequency bands are interchangeable so Fitbit should, as usual, offer a wide range of alternative frequency bands.

There is currently no information available about Fitbit Luxe screen resolution and other technical details (such as battery life).

However, the device is expected to be very similar to the Fitbit Ace 3, which was launched only a few weeks ago.

In terms of functionality, Fitbit Luxe should provide balanced health with a sleek design. So, of course, Fitbit has to use a heart rate monitor, etc.

Tracking sleep and activity is part of a number of functions (for example, stress monitoring). When the desired heart rate zone has been reached, the device will notify you by vibration in one of several forms of assisted exercise.

After connecting the smartphone's GPS unit to the tracker, Luxe can also be used while running or cycling.

The Fitbit Luxe Tracker can also aid in swimming, as the case is verifiable waterproof and protects the device from moisture.

The device is expected to come in black, gold and silver versions, and the price could be Fitbit's biggest challenge.

They hope to attract a high-end crowd, but they also have to compete with inexpensive, yet powerful, wearable and suitable fitness equipment for a lot of people.

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